Reiki Master

Saturday, 3 November, 2007

A perfect weekend of fun, learning and attunement.  If you want to learn from the best visit Sharon Carrington at Solent Reiki.  She is arranging a Spiritual trip to Nepal next year (17th – 30th November).  One of the many things Sharon taught us was Psychic Healing which reminds me of a combination of Clean Language, NLP and Reiki all rolled into one – it’s incredibly effective for clearing blocks – but not for the feint hearted!  Thank you Sharon!


Listening to Your Inner Voice

Saturday, 22 September, 2007

“To make emotionally intelligent choices, it’s important to make sure that it really is your steady, calm inner voice that you’re in touch with.  If you’re relaxed when you hear it and it gives you the same message over time, chances are good that it’s your inner voice……Emotional intelligence is the opposite of emotional chaos; it’s emotional clarit, when your head and heart are aligned in peaceful knowing and you are in full agreement with yourself.  This is the strong, tranquil message of your inner voice. ”

Extract from , The Art of Leading Yourself Tap the power of your Emotional Intelligence by Randi B Noyes

 Couldn’t have put it better myself!

A Funny Little Man

Friday, 7 September, 2007

A Funny Little Man

Mystery and magic
Sitting in my garden
Peeping through the green
Winking out at me

Fun and laughter
A glimpse of what’s to come
Eyes that keep promises
Of things secret and hidden

A light metaphor
Present yet unreal
A little man of stone
A vision of horizons unknown

The Energy of September

Tuesday, 4 September, 2007

“This month, you may find it useful to use the wisdom of the archetype, Virgo.  Virgo reminds you of the magic and power of accomplishing large, complex tasks by taking one small step after another.

A useful phrase or mantra to give yourself during this month is to stop, look, and listen.  Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or distracted, stop what you are doing, look around you and notice what is occurring in the present moment, then listen for your heart – for what you desire and for what feels best for you in the current moment. ”

Akashic Transformations Monthly Message, September 2007

Gratitude Update!

Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

This is just a very quick update of this months Reasons To Be Grateful (so far):

  • Link Building Expert Course by Jason Hulott.  Fantastic!  Thank you so much.
  • To Carol Kitson and our renewed friendship
  • To Maddy for inviting me to Face Book.  In the words of The Little Mermaid “A Whole New World”
  • To being an English speaker and being able to communicate with the wonderful doctors and nurses at Valessia hospital in Cyprus
  • For the wonderful surgeon who stitched my son’s hand up so well
  • To Trevor Beech for all his expert and kind help on my spiritual journey

More updates later on this month.