Woman and Beast

Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Big, black horse
Small, scared me
Stand on the steps

Nearly gave up
Saw it in my sight
Something small stepped in
Majic, clear and light

Lean in to mount
Cry baby, cry, can’t

Sweating, in a tizzy
Emabarrased, cringe and shy
Verbal diarroeha
The clock ticking by

Looking over
Very high
Leg cocked out
Stuck in the mind
Time stops for a moment – over we go

I’m on
On ….. a horse!

Millions before
But today just me
Mounted – achieved

Beast between my legs

tense body
wibble wobble
movey movey
jiggle joggly
hands on my saddle gripped
stiff, excited uneasy – Rejoice!

Stop!!!!  Stop …. relax


Near perfection
Controlled but loose
Enjoying the body’s movement
Woman and Beast


A Funny Little Man

Friday, 7 September, 2007

A Funny Little Man

Mystery and magic
Sitting in my garden
Peeping through the green
Winking out at me

Fun and laughter
A glimpse of what’s to come
Eyes that keep promises
Of things secret and hidden

A light metaphor
Present yet unreal
A little man of stone
A vision of horizons unknown