Reiki Master

Saturday, 3 November, 2007

A perfect weekend of fun, learning and attunement.  If you want to learn from the best visit Sharon Carrington at Solent Reiki.  She is arranging a Spiritual trip to Nepal next year (17th – 30th November).  One of the many things Sharon taught us was Psychic Healing which reminds me of a combination of Clean Language, NLP and Reiki all rolled into one – it’s incredibly effective for clearing blocks – but not for the feint hearted!  Thank you Sharon!


Beauty in the Detail

Saturday, 13 October, 2007

Purple FlowerberriesYellow Rose Bud

I was huffing and puffing today because i didn’t really want to do the garden but it was too wild to ignore any more.  When I began looking at the beautiful details I began to relax and enjoy.  If you look at the rose you can even see that the dew is still on the petals.

 It’s amazing how much we miss when we are only looking at the bigger picture.  Also I found it interesting to observe again that even nature is not perfect – beautiful but not perfect!

Grateful for Your Help!

Thursday, 27 September, 2007

Mat & Dave Fixing my fence Thanks so much to Mat and Dave for fixing my fence.  It took much longer than anticipated.  They did a great job and really made me laugh as well. 

It’s really nice to know that I don’t always have to do everything myself and that it’s important to allow people to help me!  

Very, very grateful and highly amused that we have had a fence panel shortage in this country for months now.  A reminder of how much we take for granted – and how much we just shouldn’t do that!

Friends Again

Saturday, 15 September, 2007

Carol's Mum

Friends Again It was a long time since I’d been to a dinner party!  I met lots of new people and it’s got me in the mood to host my own – now all I need is a table.

Free and Excellent HTML Tutorials

Friday, 14 September, 2007

What a wonderful learning resource.  This site W3 Schools teaches you HTML, CSS, Browser Scripting and more.  Its all free, you just pay for certification.  Amazing!

I taught myself Dreamweaver to build my site, Be Clutter Free a couple of years ago but knowing a little bit about html has helped me to understand more.  There are some things you can’t do in Dreamwever without knowing a little bit of code, like numbered lists or bulleted lists.

Wow!  What a fantastic resource.

Amazing Graphics Package

Saturday, 8 September, 2007

Floor PlanYesterday I downloaded a free trial of SmartDraw.  Within three hours I had created detailed floor plans of my whole house.  It was so, so easy to do and I have no experience whatsoever with technical graphics packages. 

As a clutter clearer I often need to organise spaces.  This will be a perfect tool for me.  The only disadvantage I can see is that it does not do elevations. 

The programme includes a whole host of other features and uses which I haven’t looked into yet.

Grateful to SmartDraw!!! Thanks very much.

Gratitude Update!

Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

This is just a very quick update of this months Reasons To Be Grateful (so far):

  • Link Building Expert Course by Jason Hulott.  Fantastic!  Thank you so much.
  • To Carol Kitson and our renewed friendship
  • To Maddy for inviting me to Face Book.  In the words of The Little Mermaid “A Whole New World”
  • To being an English speaker and being able to communicate with the wonderful doctors and nurses at Valessia hospital in Cyprus
  • For the wonderful surgeon who stitched my son’s hand up so well
  • To Trevor Beech for all his expert and kind help on my spiritual journey

More updates later on this month.