Jump and Shout!

Thursday, 18 October, 2007

Heather on the TrampetteI’ve recently been given a wonderful trampette and here is Heather having a go on it.  This morning I’ve been bouncing to Operation Blade by Public Domain and it reminded me how much I miss dancing so I had a look at all my CD’s and found my Disco Dancing Hits Album – yeah!  I find it so easy to exercise to ‘body’ music that I love so this should keep me going.  I’m increasing the number of minutes I jump by one a day – good for the heart, body and soul!


Beauty in the Detail

Saturday, 13 October, 2007

Purple FlowerberriesYellow Rose Bud

I was huffing and puffing today because i didn’t really want to do the garden but it was too wild to ignore any more.  When I began looking at the beautiful details I began to relax and enjoy.  If you look at the rose you can even see that the dew is still on the petals.

 It’s amazing how much we miss when we are only looking at the bigger picture.  Also I found it interesting to observe again that even nature is not perfect – beautiful but not perfect!