The 5 Easy Steps To Organization And Clutter Freedom

What we all want is an easy, pleasant environment that reflects our personalities, supports our lives and gives us pleasure. 

ORGANIZATION – it can sound like such a boring thing. One of the reasons for feeling cluttered is that your things are not organized.  Your energies will feel scattered and possibly you will feel out of control.  All you need is a rethink and to decide where you want things to go and a method to make sure that’s where they are. Once you have done this it will be so easy to keep it that way.   

The easiest way to approach organization is methodically and it will become a pleasure (honestly). 

Step One: Reality Check
Follow this link for your basic organization tool and here for one that has already been completed by one of my clients. Identify each room/area that you want to declutter/organize. 

Step Two: What Do You Want?
Take a walk around each room and decide what functions you want that room to fulfill.  This is the most important step and the most fun.  It creates the framework for everything that is to follow.  Enjoy it.  Think about how you want your life to work and how your ‘things’ can support you in that. 

Step Three: Create an Action List
Create a list of actions that you need to do in order for the rooms to support you.  For example if you’ve decided that the lounge is for reading and storing books, do you have somewhere for the books to live?  Is there enough lighting for reading comfortably? If not then add these ideas to your action list. 

Step Four: What Doesn’t belong?
Identify the things that do not belong in that room.  Where do they belong?  Are they just clutter that can be disposed of?  Do you need to create a ‘home’ for them as part of a function of another room? Remove everything that does not belong in that room and place it where it needs to go. 

Step Five: Working on Your Action List
Enjoy this step and make it fun.  Look through the Action List.  Which item on the list appeals to you the most?  What will be the most fun or make the most difference in your life?  Do that first.  In time you can work through the list until everything is just as you want it!  Enjoy!


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