Being Clear About What I Want

Thursday, 23 August, 2007

Being clear about our intentions is crucial.  It’s about communication with ourselves and others.  If we can communicate effectively then our needs and desires are more likely to be met.

To make some of my own intentions clear at the moment I have decided to post them here.

  • NLP Training
  • A trip to Columbia to see my Nanny and Uncle
  • Feng Shui Advice
  • space clearing
  • EFT Training DVDs
  • quad-biking
  • a gardener
  • No Hands Massage Course
  • Sell my Cards
  • Free Accommodation in Heathrow for three nights
  • Law of Attraction Clients

I keep a regular slot on my website for Energy Exchange.

Are you clear about what you want?  Add your intentions here and let’s see what happens over the next few weeks and months.


Saying Yes in Instead of No

Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

When I got back from holiday recently I realised how much I had enjoyed being surrounded by people.  When you work for yourself there is a tendency to work, work, work.  Even though I love being by myself I decided that it was time for me to start socialising more.  So instead of saying no all the time I made the decision to say yes to the first ten invitations I received.  Here is my current list:

  1. Lunch with Carol
  2. Coffee with Clare and her baby Adam
  3. Coffee with Linda
  4. My ex-father-in-laws 70th Birthday Celebration
  5. A dinner party at Carols
  6. Scrapbooking at Maddy’s
  7. Spiritual Cinema afternoon at Trevor’s
  8. An Anne Summer’s Party at Sarah’s!!!

It’s a funny old world.  It seems that since I’ve made the commitment to have more social Joy in my life there are more and more invitations coming my way.  The Laws of Attraction never let me down.

What will be next I wonder?

Gratitude Update!

Tuesday, 21 August, 2007

This is just a very quick update of this months Reasons To Be Grateful (so far):

  • Link Building Expert Course by Jason Hulott.  Fantastic!  Thank you so much.
  • To Carol Kitson and our renewed friendship
  • To Maddy for inviting me to Face Book.  In the words of The Little Mermaid “A Whole New World”
  • To being an English speaker and being able to communicate with the wonderful doctors and nurses at Valessia hospital in Cyprus
  • For the wonderful surgeon who stitched my son’s hand up so well
  • To Trevor Beech for all his expert and kind help on my spiritual journey

More updates later on this month.

Find the Perfect Time For Your Clutter Clearing

Friday, 17 August, 2007

I got back from holiday last week full of energy and purpose and it struck me how important it is to work with life’s natural ebb and flow. 

How can we make clutter clearing as easy as possible?Being in flow is the most fantastic feeling in the world.  Moving effortlessly through life achieving everything you want to achieve.

Here is a brief list of questions designed to get you thinking about your perfect clutter clearing moments.  Print this off and spend a few moments with it.

When do you have more natural energy and motivation?

A) Time of Day
1) morning
2) evening
3) at night

B) Natural Rhythm
1) I prefer to take time out to start and finish a job
2) I like to do things in little packets of time

C) Group or Individual
1) working alone
2) working with others

D) Seasons
1) Spring
2) Summer
3) Autumn
4) Winter

E) Recurring Events
1) New Year
2) Around holidays
3) Christmas time
4) Birthdays and Anniversaries
5) Children’s term times

F) States of Mind
1) busy times
2) sad times
3) happy times
4) relaxed times

So what are your times of natural energy and motivation?  Can you identify any other situations or states of mind that will enhance your motivation to clutter clear?

If you work with the natural ebb and flow you can make your clutter clearing a more positive and happy experience.

I would still suggest you try the ten minute technique every day when you are struggling to get motivated but if you want a real splurge …. then use your natural flow to get stuck in!

That reminds me … I really need to use this technique to get on with the garden.  I’ll let you know how I get on!

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