Make Everything Easy – Why Not?

The message I want to get across this month is:

Make Everything as Easy as possible for yourself!

When you are tackling your clutter/organization/time management ask yourself this question:

How can I make this easy?

Over the years I have discovered that systems that work contribute greatly to living effortlessly and more enjoyably. A small amount of time spent creating systems that work for you (and YOU is the operative word) will make your life more pleasant every day.

For example, I wanted to recycle in the kitchen but every day I would end up throwing everything in the same bin. When I eventually asked myself ‘How can I make this easy?’ the answer was then obvious – buy a second bin just for recycling! Easy! Sigh – why didn’t I think of that before?

In our society we greatly prize hard work and praise ourselves when we persevere, suffer and endure. Occasionally this is necessary but do we have to make our daily lives complicated and awkward when things can be so much more relaxed?

Easy does not mean lazy (I used to think that if it’s not painful it’s not worth doing).

5 Simple Steps to Making Things Easy

1) Identify an area where things are not working for you? What is the awkward or difficult thing about it? What is the sticking point?

“Never can find a pen”

2) Identify how you feel about the situation?

“Irritated. It’s not life or death but every day you have to scout about for a pen”

3) Identify how you want to feel about the situation and how you want it to be

“I want it to be easy. I don’t really want to have to give it too much thought”

4) Ask yourself how can I make this easy? Ask other people what they do.

5) Wait for a solution

Relax – the answer will come. You’ll know when it’s right because it will feel right

“I can get a mug I don’t use much and put all the pens I find in there. Next time I go to the shops I’m going to buy some cheap pens in bulk and top up the container”

How can you make your life easier today so that you can enjoy your free time more?

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