Letting Go of Your Clutter

Monday, 9 October, 2006

Sometimes we know that we have too much stuff that we don’t really want. Sometimes we find it hard to let go. This is common.

It might come in handy one day
I t was expensive
I feel guilty
I don’t know what to do with it
it might be worth something

Here are some reasons why letting go can be rewarding:

I can make space for new things, physical and emotional
I can live in the moment
it will be refreshing
it will give me a sense of freedom/release

Things are not just things
We attach value to items and so the things we decide to keep say a lot about ourselves.

Look around you. What are your things saying about your values?
Do you have lots of books because you value learning?
Do you have lots of gadgets because you value technology and fun?
Do you have lots of tools because you are creative?

As we change over time often we are left with ‘stuff’ that no longer represents what we value. This is when ‘letting go’ is important because the things that we are hanging on to no longer belong to the here and now and can hinder us.

How to let go? A Very Exciting Exercise
This is a fascinating and rewarding exercise which really gets to the bottom of things. It’s very simple and requires you to keep going to the end. This is crucial.

Take an item that you are finding it hard to let go of:

Ask the following question: What could happen if I let go of this?

Answer and then ask: And what could happen then?

Repeat this question 5-7 times and see what happens. You will find it very illuminating.

I did it this morning and am sharing my findings here with you:

Large CD Collection I hardly listen to

What could happen if I let go of this?
I wouldn’t have them any more

1. And what could happen next?
I wouldn’t be able to listen to that music ever again

2. And what could happen next?
I could download them off the internet

3. And what could happen next?
I would listen to them whenver I wanted

4. And what could happen next?
I probably wouldn’t listen to them much more than I do now

5. And what could happen next?
I’d realize that I don’t really listen to music very much. I like to think that I do but the truth is I don’t. I choose to do other things and when I do listen to music it’s either on the radio or the odd favourite cd.

6. And what could happen next?
Keep the odd favourite cd and pass the rest on!

If you would like to win my Be Clutter Free Workbook  let me know your experience of this exercise. Remember the learning comes from pursuing the question. Keep going. The questions can penetrate your layers of reasoning and emotions until letting go becomes obvious and easy!