Energy Exchange – Bartering For What You Want

Monday, 25 September, 2006

Money is just a form of energy like any other. I am really into bartering where I exchange my services for other services or items.  I call it my Energy Exchange System.

On my website at the moment I have the following desires that I am happy to swap for Clutter Clearing Coaching:

  • Feng Shui Advice
    Coaching CD’s and books
    IT consultanting
    a lap-top
    a holiday in Italy
    gardening services

And on that list was Website Design. Until that is a wonderful woman, Maddy Saint, offered her design skills for my Clutter Clearing Services.  Lucky me!  I have plans to create a Super Highway for Attraction.  This will be a site that gathers the best people, business, services, newsletters, articles and teachers in the field of attraction.

Is there anything that you would like to offer in exchange for some excellent coaching? Have a look at my site:


Who Am I?

Monday, 18 September, 2006

This is the key question.  Who Am I?

It’s a question most people don’t ponder after the age of about 20.  Yet the answer to this question is the key to our happiness.

If you know who you are, what makes you tick and what stops you ticking then you can move towards creating the life you want.

What are your key statement/words.  The things that identify you.

Here are some of mine:

teaching/connecting people/

Are you honouring who you are today, now?

Yoga – what a stretch!

Sunday, 3 September, 2006

Wow!  I haven’t done any exercise for about 13 years.  I have been feeling very stiff and old indeed so, approaching my 40th birthday, I  thought it was time to do something about it.  I’ve tried yoga before and found it very centering, relaxing and challenging.  I thought that a bit of Yoga at home would be a good introduction to the world of fitness before I brave the outside world of gyms, classes and running (yeah right!).  So I purchased a video off ebay: Yoga for Beginners with Joy Nielen.  Excellent!

Two weeks later: I’ve done two sessions and my flexibility has already improved.  More importantly it’s getting me back in touch with my body – part of the important trio of mind, body and soul.

Watch this space!

Walking for Charity! Would you like to donate?
I always admire people who exercise regularly.
Someone who inspires me greatly at the moment is friend and colleague, Heather Warring.  She is The Walker’s Coach and is doing the Charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer Walk this September. 

‘The Aviva Weekend to Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a two-day, 60 km walk through the neighbourhoods of London, taking place 15-17 September 2006. All proceeds benefit Breakthrough Breast Cancer, funding vital breast cancer research and educational programmes.’

If you would like to donate to this cause please follow this link:

Breakthrough Coaching Weekend

Heather has already raised £965 but she needs more to reach her target of £1,5000.  Help Heather to help women all over the world!