One of the Laws of Attraction relates to being grateful for what we already have.

I decided at the weekend that I'm going to use this blog to really focus on what I am grateful for and salute the people who have helped me on my wonderful journey into coaching and business.

In our course, Attraction Marketing, Annie Meachem from Trellis Coaching has asked us to find three things everyday to be grateful for.

Here are my three:

I am grateful:

 1) to Annie for combining practical marketing advice with the principles of Attraction and welcoming me to the course

2) for discovering that a blog can be a great manifestation tool!

3) for having an amazing relationship with all my children

What are you grateful for?


6 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Clare says:

    Thanks for this Alison – my three things change each day and have also been spending much time thinking and planning my ideal future – I feel better already.
    I did some personal development days over the weekend in Hypnotherapy which were great – my three things are:
    1) I am grateful for making some wonderful new friends on the course
    2) I am grateful for the therapy I have received today
    3) I am grateful for the beautiful day with sunshine and showers
    the trouble I have is limiting it to only three!!!! What a problem!!

  2. Mica says:

    Hi Alison
    Like Clare I have trouble limiting it to three, in fact I’m finding it impossible. Today, so far, I’m grateful to Jan for having breathed life into my new website this morning before breakfast! This was to have been a quick and simple task, but due to other forces in the universe (in the form of other people having problems with their email) it has taken a couple of months from finalising to now.
    Also this morning I’m grateful for the beautiful day and having a garden I can sit in to appreciate it.
    I’m grateful for the various energy building exercises and techniques that presented themselves to me as I meditated this morning. They just allowed themselves to flow into my practice. I am feeling absolutely fab right now as I sit with the window open, sunshine, fresh air and bird twitter drifting in through it and with I think, a clear picture of what I am in the process of creating.
    Thank you Universe! I’m sure there will be more things before I settle down in bed.

  3. Mica says:

    Oops, Completely forgot to leave a link to the new website, it’s at

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  6. Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction

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